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About Farms2Visit

Cultivating Prosperity for Small Farms, One Click at a Time

At Farms2Visit, we are driven by a profound passion: fostering sustainable incomes for small farms. Our visionary Founder, Jay Reeder, embodies a unique fusion of almost three decades in the tech industry and a deep-rooted love for agriculture, having nurtured a small farm for the past 15 years.

Jay's journey into the transformative realm of Agritourism marked a turning point. Discovering the enchanting synergy between farm experiences and increased product and animal sales, he became an avid advocate for this magic formula. His expertise quickly gained recognition, propelling him into the role of an educator. Demand soared, and Jay found himself at the forefront, conducting seminars for regional and national breed organizations. Sharing insights on everything from marketing strategies to crafting engaging tour scripts, Jay witnessed farms undergoing remarkable metamorphoses. However, a significant challenge persisted – existing online tools were inadequate, unable to meet the distinct needs of small farms.

Years of frustration with off-the-shelf solutions led Jay to channel his extensive software development expertise into a groundbreaking initiative. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he embarked on a mission to bridge this gap. The result? A cutting-edge solution meticulously tailored for small farms – an intuitive platform designed to enhance every facet of their operations.


Why Farms2Visit?

At Farms2Visit, we are not just innovators; we are advocates for the agricultural community. Our purpose extends beyond technology; it's about empowering small farms to thrive. With Farms2Visit, farms discover a seamless, farm-specific booking system crafted with their unique needs in mind. Whether it's managing tours, coordinating events, or optimizing sales, our platform is the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency and profitability. Join us as we revolutionize the way small farms operate in the digital age. At Farms2Visit, we believe that every click has the potential to cultivate prosperity, one farm at a time.

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