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Step into the Rustic Adventure of Farm Life Join us on a captivating exploration of rural charm and animal wonders at our Rustic Adventure Farm Tour. Tailored for nature aficionados and animal enthusiasts, this one-hour journey offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of some of the most endearing farm animals. Our diverse family includes bouncy rabbits, charming alpacas, noble cows and bulls, and the extraordinary ostriches. A World of Animal Wonders Awaits Your exploration starts with an introduction by our expert farm guides, brimming with knowledge and love for our animal companions. As you meander through the farm's natural splendor, you'll uncover fascinating tidbits and stories about each species. Learn about the luxurious wool of alpacas, and the impressive speed of an ostrich, among other captivating facts. Interactive Feeding Experience A highlight of our tour is the opportunity to feed our animals. We provide a variety of healthy, species-appropriate food, allowing for a safe and enjoyable feeding experience. The joy of having these friendly creatures eat from your hands is a moment to be treasured. Photographic Memories in a Pastoral Setting Bring your camera along for this picturesque adventure! Our farm's scenic beauty, combined with the charm of our animals, creates perfect backdrops for memorable photographs. Whether it's a selfie with an alpaca or a group photo in the farm's serene environment, these pictures will capture the essence of your visit. Explore Our Farm Shop: Nature's Bounty Conclude your tour with a stop at our delightful farm shop. Here, you'll find a range of natural products made from the resources provided by our animals, including hand-crafted alpaca wool items and organic farm produce. These unique items are ideal for souvenirs, reminding you of the tranquil beauty of farm life. Reserve Your Spot on this Unique Journey Our Rustic Adventure Farm Tour is more than just a visit; it's an experience that echoes the simplicity and beauty of the countryside. Perfect for groups, families, or a personal getaway, this tour is a blend of fun, learning, and unforgettable moments. Book now to secure your place on this enchanting rural retreat. We can't wait to welcome you to our farm!

We'll start your adventure with a Q & A session about alpacas. Learn where they come from and why we raise them in Indiana. Learn how we care for them and how we make them comfortable in all seasons. You will also learn why alpacas are a sustainable source of quality fiber used to make all sorts of clothing and accessories. Then, you will get a chance to get up close and personal by feeding some of them out of your hand. At the end our interaction, you will spend some time in our farm store where you will see an array of wonderful alpaca clothing products.

Welcome to the Enchanting Farm Safari! Embark on a remarkable journey where nature meets nurture, right here at our beautiful farm. Our specially curated Enchanting Farm Safari is more than just a tour; it's an immersive experience designed for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts of all ages. Over the course of an hour, you'll get up close and personal with our friendly farm residents, including playful rabbits, gentle alpacas, majestic cows and bulls, and the fascinating ostriches. Discover the Animal Kingdom Your adventure begins with a warm welcome from our knowledgeable guides, who are passionate about farming and wildlife. As you wander through the lush greenery of our farm, you'll learn incredible facts and intriguing stories about each animal. Did you know that alpacas are known for their soft, luxurious wool, or that ostriches can run at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour? These are just snippets of what awaits you! Feed and Frolic with Our Friendly Farm Animals We believe in interactive experiences, and what could be more engaging than feeding our animals? We provide specially prepared, nutritious food that's safe for each species, ensuring a delightful feeding session. You'll watch the animals eat right from your hand – a truly heartwarming experience! Capture Your Moments Don't forget to bring your camera! Our farm provides countless picturesque spots perfect for selfies and photo shoots. Capture your moments with the animals, set against the scenic backdrop of our farm. These snapshots will be cherished memories of your time spent here. The Farm Shop: A Treasure Trove of Nature's Gifts Conclude your tour with a visit to our quaint farm shop. Here, you'll find an array of products crafted from the resources provided by our beloved animals, such as alpaca wool items, organic dairy products, and more. These make for perfect souvenirs or gifts for loved ones, embodying the essence of the farm life. Book Your Adventure Today Our Enchanting Farm Safari is an experience that stays with you long after you've left our gates. Ideal for families, school trips, or a day out with friends, this tour promises fun, education, and lots of smiles. Spots fill up quickly, so book your tour today and step into a world where the beauty of nature and the charm of farm life blend seamlessly. See you at the farm!

$50 Tour Fee for exclusive tour and education by experienced alpaca breeders. Learn all about alpacas and how we turn their fleece into luxurious products. This is an *exclusive* tour that will be led by alpaca breeders with years of experience. By the time you leave, we promise you’ll have a new appreciation for these magical animals, and possibly be ready to start your own alpaca adventure. We’re a busy farm and want to make sure we’re available when you visit.  We also want to make sure you have our dedicated attention and the experience of a lifetime. Tours and classes by appointment only. $50 Tour Fee is for the group. Alpaca selfies are always free! Scheduled tours are currently available on weekends only.  If you don’t see any time slots available, check the next weekend for availability.