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The all-in-one farm event scheduling, ticketing, and discovery platform trusted by farms and farm event attendees across the country.


Farm Tours Made Easy

Easily manage farm tours and events on a platform that visitors love and trust


    Simple and Free

    We keep things easy. You can set up your offerings hassle-free, and our service doesn’t cost you a dime upfront. We only earn when you do - a small fee is deducted from your sales.


    Farm Focused

    Created by farmers, for farmers. We understand your needs because we share your passion. Farms2Visit is tailored to help farms like yours grow and thrive.


    Instant Payments

    When you make a sale, the money goes straight into your account. No waiting, no delays - just quick and reliable transactions

Unmatched features and benefits


    Comprehensive Farm Tour and Event Booking System

    Choose between ticketed or non-ticketed events and tours. Pick a date, set the start time, decide the duration. Once you've scheduled an event, it will be visible to the public and people can start booking tickets.


    Ultimate Online Farm Ecommerce

    We will handle the entire checkout process, including payment. You just need to ship the goods to your customers. Your funds will be deposited into your Stripe account.


    Marketplace connects farms with buyers

    We will handle the entire checkout process, including payment. You just need to ship the goods to your customers. Your funds will be deposited into your Stripe account.


    Paid to Mentor

    - Invite only with every farm having a mentor
    - Free training and mentoring in successful farm tour by both Farms2Visit and the sender of invite
    - Mentors receive 20% of the Farms2Visit transaction fee for all sales made by invitees

Paid to Mentor Other Farms


    Paid to Invite and Mentor Farms

    Farms join Farms2Visit by invitation only, and you become a mentor to every farm you invite, coaching them to success and receiving 20% of the Farms2Visit transaction fee for all sales made by invitees.


    Free or Paid mentor groups

    Provide exclusive mentoring services where you set the monthly fee that subscribers pay, and funds deposited automatically in your account. Exclusive services supported by private chat room and library of content.


    Online knowledge hubs

    Mentor Groups are online spaces where you can connect with other farmers, share ideas, and learn from each other. These spaces are packed with features like chats, guides, and other resources that can help you learn and grow.

All the tools you need to grow your farm revenue


    Tour/Event Booking


    Online Sales






Jean Effen

Jean Effen

[July 18]
Thanks for both of your presentations. They were great! And that’s the main reason to go to the Fleece Conference. We’re finally in a position to actually DO this!

2 weeks later ...
[July 31]
I just want to thank you again for teaching us this system. We went live on Friday, had our first tour today, have four more bookings, and have sold 23. We’re pretty blown away!

Tools to Grow Farm Revenue

  • Farm Tour Booking

    Unlock the essence of farm life with our Farm Tour Booking feature. As a farm owner, effortlessly create tours, manage schedules, and sell tickets directly on our platform. Connect with nature enthusiasts eager to explore your farm, all while simplifying transactions through secure Stripe payments. Transform your farm's charm into an unforgettable experience for visitors.

  • Event Bookings

    Put your farm events on autopilot with our Event Bookings tool. Designed for farm owners and agriculture professionals, this feature facilitates the organization of informative events, conferences, classes, farm yoga, open houses, and more. Tailor your event, attract fellow farmers, and foster a community of learning and growth.

  • Mentor Services

    Empower your farm with wisdom through our Mentor Services. Connect with experienced mentors ready to guide you in animal husbandry, product sales strategies, and more. Create or join specialized groups, opting for public visibility or private exclusivity. Set membership prices to offer or gain insightful advice, fostering a supportive network of farm owners united by growth and success.

  • Animal Sales

    Our Animal Sales feature provides a dynamic marketplace for farm owners to buy and sell livestock. From routine sales to thrilling auctions, discover a streamlined way to expand your herd or find the perfect new addition. Secure payments ensure smooth transactions, turning the complexity of animal trade into a convenient and trustworthy process.

  • Animal Breedings

    Explore genetic diversity and enhance your livestock with our Animal Breedings feature. Designed for farm owners seeking optimal breeding partners, this tool simplifies the search for compatible mates. Elevate your animal husbandry practices by finding the perfect match, ensuring the vitality and quality of your future herds.

  • Product Sales

    Transform your farm produce into profit with our Product Sales platform. Whether you're selling fresh produce, dairy, or handcrafted goods, our feature simplifies the selling process. Reach customers passionate about farm-to-table quality and authenticity. Seamless transactions and broad exposure mean your products find their way from your farm to tables nationwide.


Jean Effen

Earl Klay, Jefferson Laurel Farm

The agritourism module in the online training academy is exactly what we needed to get our farm started with an additional revenue stream.

Free unmatched benefits

We've crafted an easy-to-use online platform that lets you sell tours, animals, products, and even mentorship services – all at the click of a button. Plus, it's designed specifically for farms like yours.

The all-in-one toolkit to grow your events

  • Free to use - transactions fees paid when sales are made.

  • Integrated email and social media marketing tools

  • Secure and seamless attendee checkout

  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Free for you. Transaction fee paid by your attendees

  • When purchases made, customers pay:

  • Stripe Credit Card Fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction

  • Platform Transaction Fee 5% (20% of this paid to mentor)

  • Platform Transaction Fee: You pay absolutely no fees, but receive 20% of transaction fee for all sales by your invitees.